25+ years in software design, animation, 3D modelling, graphic design, database, scripting and triple A games development. Professional developer, designer, artist.

Derrick is currently responsible for Canvas Boutique which is a subsidiary of Acrylic Limited [11054200]


Canvas Boutique is being relaunched and rebranded after the success of Contemporary Pop Art between 2004-2006, selling large hand-painted original / re-production acrylic canvas artwork (over 50) Internationally including commercial art to Restaurants, Doctors, Schools and private commissions. In 2015, CANVAS BOUTIQUE™ was created, representing a resurrection of art production and sales after a 10 year absence, due to parental responsibilities. The new service will be introducing a collection of new work, online interactive tools and rebranding under .BOUTIQUE and .ART. Exciting times are ahead.


: sales@Canvas.Boutique

Director, EAALA Ltd

25+ years in software design, animation, modelling, graphic design, database, scripting and triple A games development. Professional web developer.

Derrick is currently responsible for, a subsidiary of EAALA Ltd [09157557]
(EAALA® pronounced | ˈelə | is a UK Registered Trademark [UK00003066912] for the acronym Estate Agents And Letting Agents).


Property Market is a residential and commercial property platform facilitating search for properties available to buy, rent or sell. Not as estate agents, instead acting as an intermediary between buyers, sellers and advertisers together. Changes in the Property Market are up-to-date, available for free, accessible 24 hours a day to anyone with internet access, acting as a central repository for a large number of properties than other traditional advertising media. Our advertisers are property professionals including estate, letting, rental agents, new homes developers, overseas agents offering properties abroad aimed at UK residents.


: +44 147 PROPERTY

Location: York, United Kingdom.


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