Welcome, Dobro pažálovat', Willkommen, Yōkoso, Bienvenue


As my initials are DMA, the homepage icon (top left) is represented with my monogram.

Navigation Hints

To use this site, try clicking within this content window with your mouse or finger (touch functionality available shortly) and drag the contents to scroll through any hidden text. There is also a slider bar placed on the left side or simply return to the conventional menu options at the top of the screen.

Things to do

Here is a short-list of a few items that I will add to my home website:-

  • Blog [Add]
  • FavIcon for web browser [Add]
  • Gallery menu tab [Add]
  • Guestbook with Moderation and Captcha [Add]
  • Metatags - dynamic[Improve]
  • Responsive CSS changes [Add]
  • Finish scripting the slider bar [Bugged]
  • Touch functionality for mobile and tablet devices [Add]


Created: 4/13/2019 1:40:38 PM
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